area 52 group


15 years of experience in strategic affiliate and B2B Marketing

Area 52 Group is your partner for Online Marketing. With over 15 years of experience in strategic affiliate and B2B Marketing. We take advantage of new technology and research to offer the best outcome for our clients.

We also help our clients developing and improving their software and apps such as search engines and online platforms. We are specialized in software for digital marketing and lead the way in sustainable growth.

We help our clients on a daily basis with highly targeted campaigns and ads with exceptional conversion rates so that they can increase their sales extensively. Clients include service providers as well as software developers and telecommunication providers.

With our marketing campaign we can reach millions of potential clients in 8 languages and 23 different markets. We help our clients to bring in $ 54 mio. in additional sales every year. A result of continuous research and development of our performance oriented campaigns all over the world.

Our main focus is on B2B marketing where we sell and promote software for eCommerce and marketing.

Our performance optimized advertising technology allows us to reach over 6 million users every month.

Should you be interested in working together please feel free to contact our sales department now. Our sales volume starts at € 100000.